London Vagabond: The life of Henry Mayhew

London Vagabond. The Life of Henry Mayhew

“..among the most important work done on Mayhew in the¬†last¬† several¬†decades”.
Professor Anne Humpherys, author of Travel into the Poor Man’s Country: Work of Henry Mayhew

The first full biography of the voice of nineteenth-century London. Available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon. Follow the links or search for London Vagabond in your local Amazon site.

Mayhew strolls

Join me on a stroll around Mayhew’s London for 3 hours on Sunday November 19th! Tickets here.

Editor of the Penguin Little Black Classic Of Street Piemen

Of Street Pieman
Published February 2015. 

Radical Victorian reformer Henry Mayhew walked the streets of London interviewing ordinary flower girls, market traders, piemen and costermongers to create the first ever work of mass social observation, and the ultimate account of urban life – including an extraordinary description of the city from a hot air balloon.

The Great World of London
London Vagabond